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Warm - Air Heating Furnaces

Most modern furnaces are commonly referred to as central heating systems. The furnace is used as the main, central warm-air heating system. The heat of the furnace is forced through a system of ducts or pipes to other areas and rooms in the structure. 

In the inspection image, there is ductwork in the basement ceiling which indicates the type of heating method and distribution system. 

There are some furnaces that have no distribution ducts or pipes. They are limited in the size of the area that they can heat. They are installed within the room or area to be heated and have no way to distribute the heat to other places.  

According to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice, the inspector is required to describe the heating method. One way to do that is to identify the method of how the conditioned air is distributed throughout the house. Furnaces can be identified and described or classified by the way the air is distributed. 

There are two broad categories:

  • gravity warm-air furnaces (antiquated); and

  • forced warm-air furnaces.  

In this inspection image, there are two heating systems that are gas-fired, forced-air furnaces that distribute heat using ductwork. 

InterNatchi gave my permission to reproduce this information.

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