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Inspection Services

Here are our inspection services. We provide complete home inspection services according to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 

certified residential home inspector

350-750 depending on square footage 

Certified inspectors assess your home, provide detailed reports and recommendations for peace of mind. Safeguard your investment with us.

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Certified WDO termite inspector


Prevent costly damage caused by wood-destroying insects. I'll inspect your home for signs of infestation now to avoid future issues.

radon tester internachi certified inspector

RADON GAS TEST: 48hr test 150.00 

Radon, a leading cause of lung cancer, occurs naturally and can be present in one out of 15 homes at dangerous levels. Surgeon General and EPA recommend testing all houses. Join millions who have tested their homes for radon. Please click here for more information

InterNACHI Certified mold Inspector


Mold can harm your home's structure, cause health issues, and ruin surfaces. With a professional mold test, I inspect your property for water intrusion signs and collect samples for lab analysis. Safeguard your home from mold-related problems. Please click here for more information

Infrared Certified Inspector


Infrared Home Inspection: Uncover hidden issues with thermal imaging. Detect energy loss, moisture intrusion, and electrical hot spots for enhanced safety and efficiency.

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Annual Home Inspections
InterNACHI Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspection


Annual Home Maintenance Inspection: Ensure responsible homeownership. Identify issues, plan upkeep, and maintain your home's condition. New or experienced, stay on top with our inspection.

STUCCO InterNACHI Certified Inspector


Ensure your stucco's durability and beauty. I'll inspect and evaluate your stucco system, offering maintenance and repair recommendations. Trust the experts for non-invasive solutions.

Move In Certified Home Inspector

Move-In Inspection: 350-750 depending on square footage

Before settling in, get a detailed Move-In Inspection. Our expert inspectors assess and document any damages or issues, ensuring a clear understanding of the property's condition.

InterNACHI Certified Commercial Inspector

Commercial Building Inspection: Call for Details

Assess your commercial property with our comprehensive inspection service. Our experts evaluate condition, safety, compliance, and provide accurate assessments for informed decision-making. Click here for more information.

InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector

Roof Inspection: 150.00

Ensure your roof's integrity with our thorough inspection. We identify damage, leaks, and deterioration, providing a detailed assessment for informed decisions and long-term durability. Gain peace of mind with our expert service.

InterNACHI Certified home energy auditor

Healthy Home Inspection: 250.00

Boost energy efficiency with our Home Energy Inspections. Experts assess insulation, HVAC, windows, and more to identify energy loss areas. Get recommendations for savings and informed decisions. Trust our comprehensive inspections for an efficient home.

Moisture Instrusion Inspector

Moisture Inspection: 150.00

Prevent water damage with our Moisture Intrusion Inspections. Identify and address moisture sources to prevent mold, structural damage, and compromised air quality. Detailed reports provide repair recommendations and mitigation strategies.

InterNACHI Certified New Construction Inspector

New Construction Inspection: 350-750 depending on square footage

Ensure your new home meets high standards with our New Construction Inspections. We uncover defects, code violations, and potential issues, assessing structural components, electrical systems, plumbing, and more.

InterNACHI Certified Repair Verification

Repair Verification / Follow-up Inspection: 150.00

Achieve peace of mind with our Repair Verification service. Our experts confirm proper repairs in your home, ensuring adherence to industry standards. Trust us for comprehensive verification, guaranteeing your home's optimal condition.

InterNACHI Certified Deck Inspector

Deck Inspection: 100.00

Ensure deck safety with our comprehensive Deck Inspections. Skilled inspectors assess materials, supports, and connections for potential hazards and damage. Prioritize safety and extend your deck's lifespan with us.

Certified Electrical Inspector

Electrical System Inspection: 150.00

Ensure electrical safety with our thorough Electrical Inspections. Experts identify hazards, outdated systems, and code violations. Trust our detailed reports and recommendations to ensure safety and efficiency for peace of mind.

InterNACHI Certified Chimney Inspector

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection: 100.00

Ensure a secure chimney with our expert Chimney Inspections. Identify hazards and receive actionable recommendations for repairs and maintenance. Trust us for a safe and functional home.

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